Young Monks is the children division of Culture Monks.

Young Monks is a creative enterprise offering a wide range of creative programming and training for children in contemporary art practices. Mentored by artists from throughout the world , Young Monks will operate and offer programming for the new age world in physical and digital format.

The objective is to introduce the children to a program of contemporary art & performance practices which widens their horizon and completes their education. It will help them to fully explore their potential and develop a better understanding of the global trends in arts and builds the ability of critical thought and creative expressions.

It will bring contemporary multidisciplinary practices and trends in arts, theatre, performances, storytelling, writings, films & music to children.

Young Monks will feature programming including events, festivals, projects & training courses specifically tailored for children from the ages of 6 yrs – 16 yrs.

The team at Young Monks & collaborators come from all over the world, who are specifically trained in programming for children and have years of experience behind them.

We hope to create spaces and facilitate an experience for children to help them grow up with the creative consciousness and skills in contemporary arts & performance practices which will help them in their future pursuits.