“The Always Giving Tree” – A workshop presentation from the Young Monks Theatre Summer Camp @ Lake Town

A presentation of by children at the end of a Young Monks Theatre

Summer camp @ Lake Town. The children critically examined the issue of climate change in course of the workshop, apart from the theatrical training which included , games, exercises, readings, writing and much more.

The script for the presentation is inspired by ‘The Always Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein.

A performance by the children who participated in the Young Monks Theatre Summer Camp which was held @ Move In Dance Studio, Lake Town, Kolkata from May 20- 27, 2019.

Name of the participants ; Bibhaswan Mondal, Sneh Mazomdar,, Naman Dudheria, Angana Chatterji, Trishla Dalmia, Eesha Dutta, Harsha Shyamsukha, Neha Tibrewal, Neil Bhandari, Ranveer Jain.

The text for the performanceĀ  was inspired by Shel Silverstein. Developed by Parnab M.

This is also part of Masterpeace Bengal initiative to bring about awareness about climate change amongst children and in the community through arts & performances.

The workshop facilitators – Raja C & Sudipta D.


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