Announcing partnership with Jana Sanskriti – Center of the Theatre of the Oppressed

Young Monks is very happy to announce a partnership with Jana Sanskriti – Center of the Theatre of the Oppressed

Jana Sanskriti( JS) Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed established in 1985 is seen as one of the most important point of references to the global community of Theatre of the Oppressed. Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is a school of theatre first conceptualized by Brazilian theorist & theatre practitioner Augusto Boal.

Jana Sanskriti will be enriching the program through sharing of their methodology, practice and immense experience with the children, thereby creating the pathway for future leaders of the society.

In order to construct a relationship with others, this website is created. Relation means freedom, therefore relation means construction of power. Dialogue in a relation creates pedagogy where we learn together and the same relation inspires us to go for an inward journey where we discover ourselves. This discovery is what is called an internal revolution, which inspires an external revolution. Our theatre, discovered by Augusto Boal is therefore the rehearsal and the performance of a total revolution. We may have our ideology but one has not to be the slave of an ideology. Dogma cannot create the relation. Let us debate not to destroy the ideas of others but to understand others and ourselves. All of us want to evolve and grow with the objective of constructing a human society.

– Sanjoy Ganguly, Director, Jana Sanskriti



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