Theatre Training Module for Children

Young Monks Theatre Education program is part of the children division of Culture Monks. Young Monks brings to the children world class and holistic creative education and training programs.

About Young Monks Theatre

Theatre is a way of Life , it is deep pool of understanding of humanity and his environment. It helps to equip the student of theatre with the necessary tools, knowledge and attitude to navigate through life, to transform his/her own life and the society in a positive manner.

Theatre is one of the oldest forms of expression and community ritual which humans have developed through their understanding of the world. It has survived eras and contemporary theatre continues to play a critical role in the process of   development of  thoughts and changing perspective.

Young  Monks Theatre Education Program for children draws on our study , research and practice of European Theatre practices and Indian Theatre tradition – namely the ‘Nathyashastra’.

Our approach combines the use of critical reading of texts, conditioning of the body- mind -voice for acting  and post – modernistic enactment keeping with the time we live in.

The child develops a deeper understanding of his self and the environment, develops his power to imagine, learns the tools to express in text and through acts. It instills a strong sense of confidence, discipline and makes him/her flexible and creative in their thoughts.

This is a well researched training program, delivered by experienced, qualified and passionate facilitators – which uses the tools of theatre, for youth/kids peer based learning :  in a journey of becoming.

Partners of Young Monks Theatre Education Program

We are also in collaboration with Masterpeace – an international network of artists and change makers , which aims to bring about dialogue and action in society on human development and peace through arts & cultural activities.

The Program

This is a one year theatre training module comprising of three semesters. There will be evaluation and presentations at the end of each semester.

After the year the child has the option of continuing in a a more advanced training and also becoming a part of the the ensemble.

There are classes for two age groups : 6 yrs – 10 yrs & 11 yrs – 16 yrs

The primary medium of instruction is English.

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Theatre is about transformation, about resilience, building character and a voice which overcomes all odds and has found a way to flow through the ages. It is deeply rooted , yet throbbing with possibilities.

Theatre equips the young children to realize the totality of their world and also deal with the vicissitudes of life.

The training is scientific, playful and energizing.


The entire course consists of the following :


Introduction to the history of theatre, arts, acting and anthropology

Basic understanding of the natural systems and lived environment

Orientation about contemporary arts & theatre

Reading of contemporary texts


Mind – Body conditioning for acting

Conditioning Voice

Improving powers of observation, imagination & concentration

Developing a relationship with space

Training in Miming and Movement


Building a script

Voice, Speech & Acting

Designing the space and props for performance

Key Benefits

Theater teaches one to concentrate better & focus more .

He/She gets rid of their inhibitions and becomes more articulate.

Their vocal and body language starts showing improvements.

He/She starts thinking beyond the ‘I” /’ ME”

This helps them to develop a real fellow feeling  and the ability to work harmoniously with others

The child begins to pay more attention, observe and become aware of his/her own environment and imagine beyond. This is the beginning of the artistic journey, which becomes the means to build a beautiful and meaningful life.

The whole process gives the child great enjoyment, out of the box thinking and a sense of real achievement.

About the Module

One Year Module – 3 semesters

Once a Week Class

Multilingual medium

Evaluation and presentation after each semester.

Production after the end of the year.

Currently classes and registration is going on for the following centers

Mintoo Park, Lake Town, Salt Lake, Ballygaunj, New Alipore, New Town, Ruby.

To register or to know more please call 8697919308, or email

Young Monks Theatre Training Class covered by The Telegraph


Some eminent people associated with this program as facilitators and mentors

Raja Chakraborty

Raja Chakraborty is a graduate from National School of Drama, New Delhi. He is an accomplished film and theatre actor and his films have won awards at several international film festivals. He has led United Nations Projects which have used theatre as a tool for social development. He has also worked extensively with children theatre.

Janardan Ghosh

Eminent theatre actor and director based in Kolkata. He is known for his contemporary approach to theatre and storytelling. Also the creative director (theatre and storytelling) at Culture Monks.

Parnab Mukherjee

A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Mr Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre directors of the Indian sub-continent. Parnab is the knowledge mentor for the top schools in India.

A performance text writer and charismatic performer, he has diverse experience in non-proscenium, verbatim, site-specific and physical theatre.

Parnab is multilingual & a prolific traveler. He is a subject expert on intersection between South Asian cultural traditions and its re-shaped urban practice, sharing the same in various institutions across the world.

The facilitators will be assisted by various other theatre practitioners and movement artists.

Pradip Chattopadhyay

A musician and sound artist of excellence. A prolific performer and also the founder member of the iconic Bengali rock band, Mohiner Ghoraguli.




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